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Ying Kee Tea House

Ying Kee Tea House Bamboo Tea Utensils

Contains Tea Scoop, Pincers, Pick and Funnel..


Ying Kee Tea House Chinese Tea Assorted Gift Set 35g x 8 Flavours

Teh Kuan Yin, Pu-erh, Jasmine, Shou Mei, Oolong, Loong Cheng, Fragrant Luk On and Mild On..


Ying Kee Tea House Chinese Teabag Assorted Gift Set 5g x 12 teabags

Teh Kuan Yin x3, Pu-erh x3, Fragrant Luk On x2, Oolong x2, Jasmine x2..


Ying Kee Tea House Chrysanthemum Tea Set

1 Teapot, 3 Cups..


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